You may perceive criminology careers as a narrow, specialized career, when, in fact, there are many possible jobs to explore if you are considering one of many criminology careers. You will find that the three main branches of criminology offer numerous opportunities and salary levels for the qualified person interested in a career in criminology.

Criminology careers are easy to find

The purpose of this website is to give a basic understanding of the types of criminology careers that are available and how to go about pursuing one. If you are seriously considering a criminology career, a good place to start is to look at some of the many criminology jobs currently in high demand. Knowing what types of jobs interest you will help determine the level of training or education required.

criminology careers

People most often associate criminology careers with jobs in law enforcement at the city, state or federal level. Besides working for the local sheriff’s office or police department, a person interested in law enforcement could seek employment as a postal inspector, highway patrol officer, federal marshal,  forensics specialist or investigator, to name a few.

Another branch of criminology to consider is the court system. Paralegals, legal assistants and bailiffs are a small representation of the numerous occupations available for a career in court-based criminology.

Positions in the correctional system suit those interested in prison employment or parole occupations on either a state or federal level.

Other criminology careers that are worth looking into include law clerk, intelligence analyst, private investigator, corrections officer, security guard, government enforcement agent or advocates that work on behalf of consumer protection agencies.

Because openings in the numerous criminal justice fields are projected to grow rapidly over the next decade, there is a lot of room for new and advancing personnel.

Once you have determined what career path you wish to go down, and the criminology careers salary and qualifications are suitable, you will need to begin the education process.

Criminology careers are in demand

The training and educational requirements range from on-the-job training to specialized college degrees. Most major universities in the United States offer criminology programs, and it is likely that you will find a college near you that offers a quality program. If you currently work full-time, and going back to college is not a realistic proposition, consider obtaining an online criminology degree from one of the many online colleges.

The cost of a criminology education varies among the many criminology colleges. It is based on the degree or certification necessary for your chosen criminal justice career, as well as the amount of time necessary to complete the program.

If you are truly serious about pursuing an exciting criminology career, research the numerous jobs available and find the one that best suits your qualifications, interests and salary requirements. Then locate a school or certification program to help you achieve your goals.

We wish you the best of luck and hope this guide offers clarity and the information that you need to get going in the criminology field, and to find the best criminology careers available.


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